- By Steve Hinds


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(NOTE: Since we have received many requests for AMSR Enrollment Forms, I have updated and combined two previous articles and placed this revised version on our Home Page for easy access.)


By now (April 19, 2002) everyone should have received and digested the first newsletter from the new “Association of Monsanto - Solutia Retirees.”  It seems clear to me that this organization is needed for all the reasons they listed which have been recapped below, and that the founding members should be applauded for their determination to protect the interests of all retirees.   


Purposes of the Association:

Strive to protect the pensions and benefits of Monsanto - Solutia retirees and surviving spouses;

Keep retirees and spouses updated on news and information that may affect them;

Provide a forum for retirees to share pension/benefit concerns or problems, and share solutions;

Assist retirees and surviving spouses in resolving disputes, complaints or problems in the benefits area; and

Maintain vigilance and promote legislation to protect our benefits and pensions.


Because of Bob Shapiro’s flawed strategy, everything has changed for Solutia and Monsanto and for all of their employees and retirees.  In the past we believed in the old concepts of trust, respect and mutually common goals and rewards – and truly felt proud of our joint efforts and accomplishments.  That atmosphere made our professional lives very worthwhile, and I thank my lucky stars I was given the opportunity to live in that environment and to work with so many good people during my thirty-four years with Monsanto. 


After a lifetime of working under those fundamental, guiding principles of life, most of us felt that Solutia really had no intention of significantly altering our medical benefits even though it had filed a Class Action Law Suit.  However, the August - October period of 2001 gave all of us one of the most profound, gut wrenching shocks of our lives.  As a result of the November 1, 2001 settlement of that Class Action Suit, the financial security of all Solutia retirees has been damaged to various degrees and the future security of some retirees has been severely threatened.  Times have obviously changed and we must adjust accordingly.


I have forwarded my own enrollment to the “Association of Monsanto - Solutia Retirees” as I believe it is the only logical decision possible!  I urge all 25,000 - 30,000 Monsanto and Solutia retirees and spouses to do the same.


In follow-on conversations with Jack Treece (mid-2002), I suggested that it would be advantageous if our spouses could also become members of the “Association of Monsanto & Solutia Retirees.”  They obviously have as much at stake as we retirees do, and their participation would increase the political clout of the organization. 


Jack and the Association replied that they would welcome the membership participation of spouses.  Although the by-laws require dues only from retirees ($15 per year), the spouse may at her or his discretion contribute any amount that they feel would be appropriate.  I personally recommend that all spouses become members and contribute as they see fit.  Further, to simplify the implementation of this membership drive, I’ve copied the application form below for your use.  Print this page, fill out the form and send it in as soon as possible. 




P.O. BOX 863, CANTONMENT, FL 32533

Yes! I want to join the Association of Monsanto & Solutia Retirees. I support the fight to protect all retiree’s pensions and benefits.

Enclosed is my annual dues of $15 (make checks payable to: Assoc. of Monsanto-Solutia Retirees and send to the address above)

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

 Address: __________________________________________________________        ____________

City/State/Zip Code: _______________________________________________________________ _

Telephone ____ ______ ______

I retired in (year) ________ from (plant or location) _____________________________

All information provided on this application is kept strictly confidential. The Association of Monsanto & Solutia Retirees has filed for 501 C3 not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation representing retirees from Monsanto Co. and Solutia Inc.

For those who currently do not own Solutia or Monsanto stock, I’m also recommending that every retiree/spouse jointly purchase a minimum of ten (10) shares each of Solutia stock ($2.97/share on 2/7/03) and Monsanto stock ($16.01/share on 2/7/03).  That action would give them the opportunity to receive quarterly and annual reports, vote on proposed matters in the annual Proxy Statements, attend the Annual Shareholders Meeting and, if desired, speak at that meeting either individually or through an Association representative.